Our Process Explained

Graphics 51 boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Project Management and Business Analysis meaning your project can be handled from start to finish in the most professional manner. We have structured our approach to ensure our output is to the highest standard and our clients receive the service the deserve. Collaboration is key and we work with our clients throughout each project.


Our team work with you to completely understand what your aims are with the project on hand. We arrange discovery workshops which give us an opportunity to have a deep dive into your requirements and specification.

This process can also help you if you are undecided on certain elements of your project, or give you ideas that you weren’t aware of to begin with. Starting off in this manner gives you a solid platform to achieve your goals and have you project delivered to the highest standard.


Wireframes, Specification Documents, Demos, Prototypes. That may look scary, but in reality we will be working to provide you with a simple, yet comprehensive, breakdown of your requirements. We will take you through the project plan step by step, navigating you through timelines and risks to ensure the project is delivered the way you want and when you want.

We leave nothing to chance, and when you are happy that we understand your wants and needs we will sign off on the requirements and move straight into our design phase.


Your requirements will drive how our process begins, but generally speaking we follow an Agile driven flow of design whereby we will continuously design, test, engage with you, design, test, engage with you…. Rinse & Repeat.

These methods pave the way for a finished product that has the seal of approval from Designer to Client. Everyone is a winner.


It does exactly what it says on the tin, once we have agreed on the finished product we ask you as the client for a final sign off. This official sign off allows us to move the product from the design stage and begin the launch phase of the process.


The launch, the most exciting (and sometimes scary) portion of the process. No matter what the product we approach our launches and releases in the same manner. We agree a timeline that’s is convenient, and depending on the product we outline a defined release strategy.

Websites: If we are launching a website for your company we will work with you around pre-launch announcement strategies for social media, how the launch will proceed etc..

Graphics: If your product is a Graphic Design Solution we will provide you with all relevant files once the final sign off has taken place.